Fun fun

Hi everyone, how are you?

Its getting cold, and that means things come in pumpkin flavoured variety again, which is very good for me, not so good for the pumpkins.
Yet again all I have to show is things from character development. You might be getting the impression that my thesis is actually nonexistant. you might be right! ha ha! oh man I hope not. Anyways, its mascot redesign over in B.Ralph's class, and under the guidance of one Nate Krasner, I decided to redesign the Trojan Man. I really like the way it turned out. Considering all the directions it could have headed in (see the old cumdumpster image, not present on this fine and wholesome blog), I think i managed a subtle, classy image.

The scan isn't the best (colors are a lot brighter) but what can you do?
also, for the in class assignment: The Jolly Green Giant's Niece

quite the sassy young lady!

and finally, the "Cute to Brute" transformation.

we watched some sort of nature documentary involving turtles in my bio class the day before, and man, turtle's heads are really, really freaky looking up close.

okay, thats all for now!

edit: oh yeah! I forgot about this guy too! poor bear man :(