Character Development!

So I finally made it into the character development class. Yay! So far I feel like I haven't really done anything worth mentioning. These are two pieces I'm pretty happy with though. I've been practicing at drawing dudes! and also old people! its progress! Mostly I'm excited about expanding the world of my noodle people, cause now some of them have mass and age, and gravity and all that jazz.

This one was for the "team" assignment. But rather than drawinging superheroes like I feel is what the assignment was supposed to be, I just wanted to draw some people gardening. I like the plants, they are fun and I think I want to do more plants like that.

And these two fine people are from the in class "Odd Couple" assignment. B. Ralph thinks they're gross. I find them sweet and endearing.
Eventually both of these will have color in them, but this one especially, that dude is going to have a rocking tattoo.