Thesis vomit

Hey everyone.

I figured I should post a couple things from my thesis. I don't really have any solid pieces to show (except Bopeep, but I still have to scan her)
Everything in this post is cut paper, in case you can't tell, which you really can't in most of them (see my note at the end ofthe post...)
Okay, so first I was cutting these nests, but they looked really scary, so I redid them a couple times until they finally looked age appropriate and I was happy with them.

there were little animal figures that went with them, but I forgot to scan those, maybe another time.

these are the nests I'm happier with, unfortunately they didn't scan that great, I can't get the colors to look quite right.

this is the tile for the nest, but its a little sloppy, color wise. I like the pattern though!

Itsy Bitsy Spider thing. It'll have rain drops behind it, but I need to rework some of the pipes because it looks funny when it tiles.

also, I've decided to stop doing the papercuts for now. I got back from fall break and sat down in the studio and realised that I just absolutely hated what I've been doing. I want to focus on learning how to make patterns, and not have to worry about the paper shapes, and how to reproduce the images. Which is the biggest problem I've been having. Because none of the things I've done are flat, they don't tile well, and everything just looks really ugly. On their own they look really cute though.
Whitney was completely onboard with the idea, and I think its what she was trying to get me to realise all along, but I needed to do all this extra work to get to that point. So we'll see where this goes from now on.