Thanks to a little bit of a push from Daniel (in that he mentioned it existed), I decided to enter the Project Rooftop: Vampirella ReVamp contest. I'm not expecting much, and the design kind of got away from me anyways. I was going to go back and incorporate some sort of bat-like element, but everything I tried to do just looked messy and or stupid, so I gave up. Whatever, she's pretty cute, and I think those might be the best shoes I've ever drawn.

Other than that nothing new is going on. Except school, where I am a senior which is terrifying. I gave my proposal presentation yesterday, and was pretty much nothing but a big ball of nerves. Everyone said I did a good job though, but they might just be trying to make me feel better, on account of I'm trying to remember what all I said and I don't really think any of it was in order or making sense. At least Whitney seemed to be excited about it, and didn't have anything she wanted me to redo for next week.