I finally took some pictures of the papercuts I did for my Concepts thesis. I'm really sorry that the quality of the pictures aren't that great though. And because the Thumbelina piece I had posted was already finished, I'm not going to bother reposting that one. okay, here you go:

Pinocchio, of course! I was really unhappy with this guy at first. The shapes weren't really showing up, and some of the areas were a lot more prominent than I wanted them to be. I think in the end it turned out pretty good though, I really like the look of the light radiating out.

Rapunzel. This one is such a beast, its huge, and all the little swirly pieces keep catching on EVERYTHING. I'm really, really suprised that the little spire on top has not been torn off by now.

The Juniper Tree. I'm super disappointed with this one. I think the bird turned out great though. It had a lot of potential, but it was the last one I was working on, and I got sick the weekend leading up to finals week, so I just completely ran out of steam, and you can really tell. I had this vision to do this really cool bright colorful landscape in the background, but it just wasn't going to happen. I think I might cut out that middle part someday and redo it. We'll see.

I think the next step in all of these is going to be experimenting with painting my own paper, I'm pretty sure that will make all the difference. I still have this whole senior thesis thing to worry about. Only a month left, and I still have no idea what to do.
I've been tossing a couple ideas around, but none of them really involved papercuts, I think its because I haven't really been working on them at all this summer. I was looking at the Thumbelina piece earlier, however, and I really, really like the way it looks. I like the silhouettes of everything, and I really like the triptych. Maybe I can do something with a series of triptychs?
Kali was saying that fall semester is the time to do the longer term projects, and I was thinking of honing my cartoon style, but if I am taking character development and illustrated book, I feel like I will already be doing that in those two classes. So maybe thesis should be a nice series of papercuts? at least for the first part. Man, I just don't know... advice, anyone?

I also have a couple other things I've been working on this summer, but we just moved and the cables for my scanner are in a box somewhere, I can't find them :/

ok. bye for now!