Nana Projects

So here are a couple pictures of stuff I've been working on recently. I never have my camera with me, so these are just from my cell phone, and we've done lots of way cool stuff that I haven't thought to take pictures of :(

a couple of the magic lantern performances are being reworked for a performance coming up, and they needed to redo a couple of slides, these guys are for a monster parade. (The Purple Werewolf is in there because I love him so much I couldn't help it, Sam)

seeing what they'd look like projected.

a skirt I made out of a plastic tablecloth and some vinyl tape. (a demo for costuming for "Parade School Jr." which is a program coming up in the next couple weeks)

This was a costume we made over 4 days during parade school. Its a stilter costume (you can't see it, but the bird legs are really long) I made the neck for this guy, as well as helping to cover his body in fabric, and cut out those feather shapes, and also give him some killer eyelashes (which you can't really see, unfortunatly, but there are pearls on the ends of them!)

yay! Just getting used to walking around on the first day.

The two parade school pictures were borrowed from the Nana Projects photostream (I didn't bring my own camera :< )
go here if you want to see more pics from the parade. (you should, they're pretty cool!)