Bloop bloop

Alright, its been a little while, but I haven't really had anything to post. Still working away on the paper cuts, Rapunzel is finally finished, and I'm working on finishing The Juniper Tree, as well as titles for all of them.
I never did solve the issue of how to display them, so unfortunatly I think they'll just be laid out on a table for crit.

In other news, Frank Stockton took over the Fashion class for the past few weeks, so here are the two assignments for him!
The first assignment was "Something worth shortening your life for" I chose sewer exploration because thats always cool, and there can be death at every turn! (also adorable mice) Its gouache and watercolor, I had fun playing around with the drybrushing stuff, its not something I've really done before.

This one was based on a fortune cookie fortune. Kind of annoying, I don't really like these kinds of things. "Music will play an important part of your future" I was kind of stuck on the listening to music aspect, so it's just some crazy dude sitting in his music library.
Also, moustache alert! I think this might be the first moustache (and beard) I've ever drawn. At least, as far as finished pieces go. I was sort of thinking of Tsar Nikolai II (The last king of the Romanov dynasty) while drawing him.

So thats that, I guess. More later hopefully.