Title pieces

Hey Everyone! Its summer, and that means I'm super lazy, so I don't know how often I'll update over the next couple of months.
I finally got around to scanning the title pieces for the paper cuts. They were a little last minute, unfortunately, so there were some things that could have been done better in regards to spacing and whatnot. But leave me alone, I was sick for finals week so whatever. All in all I think they turned out pretty well, so I'm happy.

Unfortunately I've been holding off on posting the finals of the papercuts because I'm nervous about scanning them on my tiny scanner. I'll have to scan a couple of them in a bunch of pieces, and they're so fragile and my desk is way too messy. I'll put them up eventually though!!

also, I started my internship on monday. Its going to be so cool, I can already tell. We worked on this giant spider puppet they had been constructing, and we took it outside to play around with different ways to make it walk and stand and do things. Then helped to finish the body and make it look all pretty.

And in non-art news, I got a cat on Friday. His name is Max, and he is 4 1/2 years old. He is black, and really quiet and friendly. He had been at the SPCA since the beginning of March, which is sad. He seems really excited to be in a house with lots of people who like him, 'specially after being in a cage for so long. I am hoping that once he gets more familiar with the house he will come sleep on my bed with me. We've already made progress in that area!

okay, thats all for now.
Kate out!