Its cloudy today.

Pinocchio is not going well :(
All the lines are too small, so unless you hold it up to the light, you can't really see whats going on. I spent so much time cutting this, and I love the way it looks, but I guess I'll have to go back in and take every other line out or something. also, I've been cutting a little sloppily on this one, my knife keeps slippint in the wrong directions, and nothing looks as clean as it should. I still have a few more areas that need cut out (like the boat) but I think I'm just going to set it aside for a few days and come back later, hopefully that will help. Plus, I want to get started on Cinderella, which I'm hoping will turn out as awesome as I'm picturing it in my head.

Also, I did this other little drawing today just because. Its not for anything, I just wanted to get away from Pinocchio. I really like orange/blue combos. I almost never use them, but I absolutly love anything that has this color scheme. I also wanted to draw some ghosties. If you think those ghosties look a little similar to the ones that Jordan Crane does (same with the colors..) its prolly on account of they are. I picked up his book o' postcards finally, and I can't stop looking at them.

thats all I got for now. Hopefully I am going to bake some brownies tonight, and then go to sleep early so I can wake up and attempt to register for classes in the morning.