some other stuff

So heres that other stuff I did the past week. I'm not as excited about them, and kind of wrote them off, but apparantly they're not so terrible.
Heres the Shakespeare poster for Sam Weber's last assignment. I chose Romeo and Juliet, and I'm still trying to mess around with watercolors. Sam said this one was a big improvement from the ladyfights, so I'm optimistic. He said he really liked the drawings and idea behind the ladies, so maybe I can redo them this summer and they'll look all nice and good.

In Fantasy we had to take a story and update it in some way, kind of like the Artemis thing at the beginning of the semester. I did Madama Butterfly, and set it in space. Awesome.

Trying out that whole watercolor background and gouache foreground thing.
Here are some super trendy deer girls. They have antlers, speech bubbles, and dotted lines, also big heads on funny animal bodies! It was a dumb in class assignment, so the painting is crap, but I like the drawing, so I might re do it some day.