Rapunzel in pieces

My Rapunzel paper cut is almost done! I've scanned all the separate pieces for your viewing pleasure. The only piece I have left to cut is her face and body. This piece is something like 3'x10" at its widest.
Sorry the scans might not be the best, I didn't really feel like color correcting or bothering with anything like that, I figure I'll just wait 'til I finish the whole thing.
This is Rapunzel's hair. It comes out the window and comes down a few inches past the tower.

These stones were so much fun to cut! its pretty fragile though, and I noticed a couple tears that showed up at some point, which is super annoying. I really like cutting tiny arrows!

this is the background blue color thats going to go behind the stone shapes, also the very top of the tower, which I haven't glued to the rest of it yet.

and these are the brambles that go around the bottom of the tower! fun times all around!

also I did some paintings this week. I guess they're good, but I don't even care right now. Theres paper to be cutting!
I'll upload them eventually, whevever I get around to scanning them and whatnot.