The Green Hornet

Did you know they're making a Green Hornet movie? I guess Seth Rogen is going to be starring in it. Also Stephen Chow, which is pretty cool.

Anyways, This is my interpretation of the Green Hornet and Kato.
ps. this was for class, I'm not just a nerd.

I sort of really wish I had that outfit, its based on a Dior couture dealy that had different, more chartreuse colors. Also, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear a sheer skirt.
I also recently came into possession of a totally sweet book of cars from the twenties and thirties. I've been itching to put the awesome reference to good use, and I'm glad it was able to come in handy here.

Okay, thats all for now. I have some thesis stuff to post (finally) but I have to tweak a couple things first, and I'm feeling lazy today. ALSO, be on the lookout for my pieces for Vinylmore 2, I've begun construction on them, and I'm pretty excited about how they're shaping up (I wish I was better at using modeling putty though, they're a little bit sloppy, but I guess since its my first time ever trying to use it its a little bit excusable? I'd never even made anything with sculpy ) So, yeah. The deadline is coming up very soon, so I had better get working on them a little harder.