More Pattern stuff

Here are the rest of the patterns I made.
The final critique for them went well, I think. The guest was a little useless, and Whitney was just being nice and showing off like she does, so I still don't know where I stand on them. I mean, I kind of like doing them, but I don't know if theres really any point, when I'm just bumbling around for a semester trying to teach myself what people go to school for years to learn. meh.

I'm really happy with this one, Its Cinderella (I hope thats fairly obvious, though it really could be any commoner/princess transformation tale) I was just sort of doing it to have one more pattern before the end of the semester, and ended up knocking it out in one day. I think she just has a really pleasing shape, and I did that thing where I somehow manage to ink really nice smooth lines. so, yeah!

Hansel and Gretel, and the slightly more in-your-face holiday version below...

and finally, The Princess and the Pea. I just wanted to make some fun looking stripes, but it turns out, its really hard to make stacks of mattresses not look like cake, or towels, or lunchmeat or pillows. Oh well, I did the best I could, I think. And I'm happy with the Growth Chart I made, so thats good.