I'm in this class that calls itself fantasy art, but I'm not sure I really believe it. Whatevs.
This was the first assignment, we had to just show our idea of fantasy. I always think of crazy costuming. I have this book of accessories from around the world, and it had all these really cool veils in it, so I was drawing inspiration from that.

We had to reinterprete the Artemis myth, giving it a "modern" spin. I didn't really do any specific myth, so much as just thinking about how things would be interpreted today. So Artemis likes bathing a lot, I guess, 'cause she keeps getting in to trouble when doing it. So I went for the idea of bathing. I feel like she would enjoy lounging around on an innertube.

This was for a short story called "Roadkill" It was a good story, but I dunno how exciting this image ended up being. We had to make it a central, circular composition, using symbols present in the story. meh.

Finally got to do something that was sort of traditional fantasy related. Just had to do a human animal hybrid, so I drew me some Harpies.